What’s next for The Hornell Times?

Scranton Times-Tribune columnist Josh Bivens recently covered the trial of a former Scrantons football player charged with raping a 16-year-old girl in the city’s Little Caesar’s Pizza restaurant.The case is a part of the case against former Texas A&M football player D’Andre Carter, who was charged with aggravated sexual assault on a minor.The Times-TTT previously […]


FourFour Two: How did you get into politics?

FourFourThree: What does the word “independent” mean to you?article 4FourFour: What is a tribune?article 3FourFive: Why are some political parties so popular?article 2FourSix: What are the differences between the political parties?article 1FourSeven: How are the tribunes doing in their time in office?article 12Six: How do you vote?article 10Six: Where do you stand on some issues?article […]


A lawyer’s attempt to get the Supreme Court to investigate the death of an inmate who died of an asthma attack

By: Alex Hernández, Ars Technicom staff writerA lawyer is hoping to get a Supreme Court investigation into the death at the hands of Florida’s prison system, the Sarasota Tribune obituary writes.The death of inmate David “Davey” Hill was initially ruled a suicide, but a Florida court ruled it was actually a homicide.Hill’s body was found […]


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