‘A huge loss’: Former tribal leader dies at 60

A former tribal leader from the Palestinian village of EufaulAqaba died on Tuesday, five years after he was shot dead in the West Bank city of Hebron by Israeli forces.

The former tribal chief, who lived in the Eufaba area in the southern West Bank, was shot while trying to disarm a soldier on July 15, 2013, according to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

His death comes just days after his funeral in the village of Hebra, a few kilometers away from the West Wall.

He was a key figure in the struggle against Israeli occupation, and the son of a Palestinian man who was born in the Israeli city of Silwan.

The Eufaon leader was shot during a confrontation with Israeli soldiers in the same area, when they came to evict his family from their property, PLO said.

The Israeli military said the incident took place near Eufana’s home, and that the army did not believe the Euwara tribe was involved in any terrorism.

It added that the IDF “has the right to use all measures in order to maintain security and to ensure that any violation of its sovereignty is thoroughly investigated, including the shooting of a senior member of the Euffaula tribe.

He was a member of our armed forces and a member our resistance.”

According to Palestinian officials, Eufaela was shot by an Israeli soldier while the Ewaabat tribe was in the process of evicting his family in Eufaan village.

According to the PLO, Euwaabats leader was injured in the shooting.

He died of his wounds on Monday at a local hospital.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization condemned the shooting and demanded the Israeli military “stop any illegal actions” and investigate the shooting, PLOs statement said.

In the years since the killing, Ewaaban, along with his brothers and his two sons, have been targeted by Israeli security forces.

In a statement, PLOW said that they “have been targeted multiple times with live ammunition in the past year, and in each case the military forces were unable to intervene to stop it.”

The organization added that they will continue to demand accountability for the shooting for all the families whose lives have been destroyed by it.

The group also called on Israel to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the families involved in the firing, and to bring to justice those responsible.

A spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to an email seeking comment.

In 2013, Israel said that it was conducting a wide-ranging probe into the shooting but that there was no information about any wrongdoing by Israel’s forces.

Last week, the PLOW called for an international conference to discuss the shooting in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian territory in the south of the occupied West Bank.


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