How do we get the living tribunal to agree on the death penalty for abortion?

In the past week, the conservative tribunes of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal have issued a series of opinions on whether the death sentence for abortion should be imposed. 

In an extraordinary statement in the lower house of Parliament last week, Justice J.M. Lodha and Justice Jaganmohan Reddy said they would be inclined to agree to a death sentence if there was a genuine and compelling need to do so.

The court also said it would be possible for a person convicted of abortion to appeal their conviction.

In a separate court filing in a separate case, Justice K.

M Srinivasan said he would be reluctant to impose a death penalty if the state of pregnancy had caused death.

In the Supreme Judicial Court, Justice B.N. Sharma and Justice R.

Nathu Desai said that, while they would not agree to the imposition of the death term, they were open to reconsidering the matter.

The court said the issue should be decided by the legislature and not by the judiciary. 

But the case of abortion has been a hot button issue in the Indian polity for a long time.

In the 1960s, the then chief justice of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, made the controversial statement that “a pregnant woman who kills her child is the same as killing a man.” 

(AP Photo: K.R. Malhotra) In a landmark judgement, the Supreme court upheld a death warrant for a convicted doctor in 1980.

A subsequent appeals court overturned that conviction.

In 2013, the court upheld the conviction of a woman who had given birth to a baby boy. 

This year, the death sentences for abortion have become a hot-button issue, as well.

The Supreme Court has issued several rulings on the issue, including in the case against a woman convicted of aborting her daughter’s unborn baby.

The latest case, however, is different.

It’s a woman, Sabeen Khan, who is now being tried by a higher court for the murder of her daughter, Jameela Khan. 

Khan, a mother of two who was pregnant at the time of the killing, has been sentenced to death by a lower court.

Her conviction has been overturned by the Supreme Courts bench in her case, saying that the unborn child was alive at the moment of the murder.

Khan is now the sole survivor of the triple murder of two young girls, who were found shot to death in the city of Jaipur, in southern India, in 2004. 

The court has found that Khan had no “credible evidence” to implicate her father in the murders.

The mother of five is facing the prospect of life in prison if she is convicted.

But that has not deterred the Supreme courts from overturning her conviction and the Supreme judicial commission has been asked to decide on her appeal. 

(AFP Photo: Javed Akhtar)A senior court official said the court has also asked the commission to review Khan’s conviction.


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