Why is Donald Trump’s Twitter account so dangerous?

On March 5, 2020, President Donald Trump issued a tweet that went viral, linking to a story in the New York Times Magazine.

“President Trump just took a big step in making the world safe for LGBTQ people,” the tweet read.

“He signed an executive order protecting the rights of LGBTQ Americans.”

It was a reference to President Donald J. Trump’s order on January 22, 2018, which would have prohibited employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The executive order did not have any enforcement provisions, but LGBTQ rights advocates were furious.

Trump had not explicitly spoken about the order on Twitter, but his campaign had.

In March of that year, a week after Trump’s inauguration, the New Yorker published a story by Peter Baker that outlined Trump’s views on the issue.

“In the wake of a recent massacre of transgender people at a transgender center in Oregon, Mr. Trump tweeted his opposition to the transgender community and expressed support for ‘the rights of people to live out their lives in ways that reflect who they are,'” the article stated.

“I’m not sure the president has actually done anything to advance the rights or needs of LGBTQ people in the US.

He did tweet that he’s open to changing the law to help LGBT people, and he has been a supporter of anti-transgender discrimination.”

“If the president thinks that a person who is transgender is a threat to the American people, he is completely out of touch,” wrote Laura Gottesdiener, a staff writer at The New Yorker.

“It’s hard to imagine that someone who doesn’t support a human rights bill that gives protections to LGBTQ people, when they are the president of the United States, would be able to support an anti-LGBTQ executive order.”

Gottesdianer wrote that the president had not done enough to fight for LGBTQ rights.

“But the president is the president and it’s his job to do the job.

If he truly believes that LGBTQ people are ‘the most threatened group in the world’ and that they are ‘sick’ and ‘dangerous,’ why on earth would he sign an executive directive that would have the effect of making LGBTQ people a ‘threat to the nation’s security’?” Gottesdiners piece prompted the New Yorkers article to run in The New York Post.

The story prompted the Post to publish a story on its front page, calling the executive order “a clear signal that President Trump is intent on reversing decades of progress in the LGBT community and is determined to reverse our progress.”

But in a piece published in March of 2021, The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait wrote that Trump’s tweet was not enough to protect LGBTQ rights: “The president’s tweet does not do much to advance our cause.

His tweets about the LGBTQ movement, his promise to end discrimination against transgender people, his opposition of transgender discrimination in employment, and his promise of an all-out attack on LGBT rights all go to show that he does not value the lives of LGBTQ American Muslims.

And the fact that he thinks transgender people are the most dangerous group in a world that is full of enemies and threats, and that LGBTQ Muslims pose a threat in addition to the ISIS threat, makes him even less likely to protect our most vulnerable communities.”

The piece, entitled “Trump’s transphobic tweets are not enough for LGBTQ Muslims,” included a quote from Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Muslim American Society of North America.

“While the president did not make it clear how his order would affect LGBTQ people and how his administration would handle it, his tweet about trans people is not enough, because he still needs to speak out against them,” Hooper wrote.

“If his tweet was any more clear, we would have seen a much more aggressive effort to fight discrimination against LGBTQ Muslims and transgender people.

Trump has made it clear that he sees us as his enemy, and we cannot ignore his attacks against our community.”

“In a country where transgender people and Muslims face discrimination and violence, the administration’s tweet about LGBTQ people is a clear signal to Muslims that they will not be allowed to enjoy equal rights under the law,” Hoopers added.

The article in The Washington Post, however, also highlighted the president’s own tweets.

“The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

In a March 19, 2021, tweet, Trump wrote that he was “working on a new executive order” on the LGBTQ rights issue, adding that the administration was “trying to get a new one right now.”

“It will be very hard to make our way as a country if we cannot even begin to protect and protect our LGBTQ people.

The next administration will need to work with Congress and the states to make the next big executive order on LGBTQ rights, and there is no guarantee that they can get it done,” Trump wrote.

Trump also said that the United Nations should “give us a peace treaty that will protect our religious freedoms.”

He did not provide


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