Pope Francis’ tribunal to convene to hear case of ‘suspected’ child abuser

The Vatican’s highest court is expected to begin hearing the case of a woman accused of sexually abusing a child in her care.

The Vatican said the tribunal is set to hear the case in Rome on November 22, two days after Pope Francis, who has been the head of the Roman Catholic Church for more than a decade, made a historic visit to the Vatican in late November. 

The tribunal is expected as early as next month to hear testimonies from people who were abused by a priest, a layperson or a spiritual adviser, according to the statement from the Pontifical Council for Legislative Text (CCL). 

It also said that “a number of testimonies will be heard from people from the community who have had to deal with the commission of grave crimes.”

Pope Francis has already made a number of changes to the way the Catholic Church deals with sex abuse allegations. 

Last month, he said the church was “seriously troubled” by the “tens of thousands” of cases of sexual abuse in the church and the Roman Curia. 

On November 18, Francis signed a decree that “opens a door” for those who have been abused by priests to file complaints, although the Vatican has said it will not tolerate any forms of abuse or cover-up.


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