When Hawaii becomes first state to legalize cannabis tourism

The first state in the U.S. to legalize the consumption and use of cannabis by adults has opened its doors to tourists and other people who are not licensed to consume.

Initiative 68, which became law this week, allows tourists to visit dispensaries and other recreational businesses in the state of Hawaii for up to a year without a permit.

Tourists must be 18 years old and have a valid ID card.

They also must have a passport and meet the state’s medical marijuana guidelines.

Tourism was legal in Hawaii from June 1.

Tourist permits have been issued for a total of 534 people in the past year, and more than $2 million has been spent to get the first license.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity that we have to bring our friends and family here, and our partners and friends in the industry here, who are very, very welcome here,” said Gov.

David Ige, who is also a licensed physician.

“We’re very excited that this is now being opened to people who aren’t in compliance with the medical marijuana laws,” he said.

The governor said the new regulations will make it easier for tourism to operate in Hawaii.

“It makes it easier to manage the people that are in our hospitality and hospitality-related businesses.

So the more that we’re going to have people in those places, the better we’re doing,” he added.

Touristic businesses will be required to meet strict security requirements.

Tour operators must get a permit from the state.

The state said the state has a process for issuing permits for businesses, but the process is still being finalized.

Hawaii was the first state on Earth to legalize recreational marijuana use.

But recreational sales are still illegal.

The new law does not apply to businesses that do not serve alcohol or tobacco products.


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