Which Indian Premier Is The Best?

An editorial in The Lad on Thursday titled “Which Indian Premier is the Best?” has found a consensus among political analysts that none of them are correct.

The article was prompted by the death of the former Bihar Chief Minister and former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Prithviraj Chavan.

It says the former chief minister’s death had “displaced” some of the top political officials and the party leaderships in the state.

It also says that a “few months after Chavan’s death, the party and its top leaders had begun to lose confidence in the central leadership and the central government.”

The Lad wrote, “In the wake of Chavan and his death, a small group of senior leaders, including the party’s national convener and chief secretary, took charge.

The leaderships were unable to convince the top officials that the party was not capable of fulfilling the vision it had set for itself and that it would not be able to form a government of the people, or a government with an effective central leadership.”

The editorial, titled “What’s the best of the best?”, says that the “central leadership and its leaderships” were “shaken” by Chavan “because they were not convinced of their own abilities to govern India.”

The article goes on to say that a number of top party leaders, especially those in the party top brass, “determined to take up the reins of power”.

They were “not persuaded by their own capacity” to run the party, the editorial says.

It goes on: “The leaderships did not believe that the political class could handle the task of governing India and their desire for a new era of political activism and change was the cause for their departure from the party.”

The story says, “Their decision to leave the party is not surprising.

The political leaderships had lost confidence in their ability to govern the party in the wake.

But the decision to walk away was also unexpected.”

It says that “the decision was made by party officials who had lost faith in the political leadership, their ability and commitment to carry out their duties as party officials, and their ability, and commitment, to manage the party.

It was a very short-term decision.”

It goes to say, “The decision by the leaderships to walk off was not made on the basis of any personal animus against the Chief Minister or any grievance against him, but because they were afraid of the party being divided.

They believed that they could not make a credible opposition against the Centre’s attempt to usurp their power, and they believed that if the party leaders walked away, there would be no party left to govern.”

The essay says that while the leaders of the opposition parties were “grateful for the party to survive” in the absence of a leader, “it is unfortunate that the leadership of the Centre, especially the political leaders, have not been able to find a way to unite the party with their support, which they so deeply feel, and which they have shown through their support for the prime minister and the Congress-led government.”

It concludes: “While there are still a number who have chosen to continue to run India, the leadership in the country’s political class has lost faith and confidence in themselves, and the country, to the extent that the country is now facing a crisis.”

The leaders of Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had been at odds over the succession of leaders of their respective political parties.

The former chief ministers of Bihar and Madhya were also among those who had quit the party after Chavans death.

The editorial says that it was “not unreasonable” for the “party leaders” to have resigned, but that they had not done so because they did not have the confidence of the other leaders of both parties.

“The political leaders had not lost confidence and confidence (in) the political institutions of the country and their inability to control the party itself,” the editorial continues.

“They had lost that confidence and had a strong desire to leave politics.”

The editor goes on, “But they have lost that desire.

It has become an existential threat for the future of the nation.

The people have grown disillusioned with the politicians, especially as the political parties have not managed to get the government of India moving.”


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