Tribune definition: Eagle tribune

In Mexico, where the national eagle is protected by the government, a newspaper called La Tribuna Honduras is the unofficial national eagle.

The paper, which has published stories about government corruption, violence and crime, is widely considered one of the best and most influential newspapers in Mexico.

El País reports that El Televisa has recently acquired La Tribunas weekly, which it plans to sell to a private investor.

“The biggest news for us is that we’re no longer an alternative newspaper,” La Tribune editor-in-chief Jose Carlos Guillen told El Pais.

“We’re the eagle tribune of the nation.”

The purchase would mark El Tevoís first investment in the paper.

El Tevobes’ strategy is to take over local papers like La Tribunes as it has in previous ventures.

In Mexico City, La Tribunias has been able to survive despite being forced to close several times in the past decade because of a lack of advertising revenue.

But La Tribuns circulation is dwindling as people leave the country and its owner, Jorge Báez, has had to lay off a significant amount of staff.

“He has to find a way to stay afloat, and we’re the only one who has the courage to do that,” Guillens said.

“El Tevo has had more than 500 million pesos invested in La Tribuas.

El tevo has no intention to stop.

They have invested more than two billion pesos in the country, and that money is going to La Tribua.”

El Tevias strategy is different from that of many Mexican newspapers.

Like La Tribuno, El Tevilas circulation is relatively stable, but it has been hit hard by the recession, which led to layoffs and the closure of the newspaper’s headquarters.

As a result, El Tribuna has been struggling to pay employees.

In 2017, it was reported that the paper’s annual budget was only 3.5 million peso ($160,000).

Guillén said the new owner will continue to pay the paper, and he is looking for new investment opportunities.

“La Tribuna is a paper of the imagination, and it is an inspiration for all of Mexico,” Guillo said.


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