What’s next for The Hornell Times?

Scranton Times-Tribune columnist Josh Bivens recently covered the trial of a former Scrantons football player charged with raping a 16-year-old girl in the city’s Little Caesar’s Pizza restaurant.

The case is a part of the case against former Texas A&M football player D’Andre Carter, who was charged with aggravated sexual assault on a minor.

The Times-TTT previously covered the Carter case.

In a recent column, Bivins called the case a “black eye for the city of Scranto.”

He continued: “I would hope the city would be ready for the trial to begin.

This is the second case of its kind in the last two years, but the city is still recovering from the devastation of the 2010 flooding and has a long way to go to recover.”

Bivans article also highlighted the fact that in December, the Tribune reported that the city has lost more than $100,000 in insurance coverage.

“Scranto has had its share of scandals, but this is the worst,” Bivings wrote.

“The mayor was also involved in the scandal surrounding the police officer’s son, who is a convicted felon and a suspected serial rapist.

This story has been covered extensively in the media.

This has led to a lot of speculation about the mayor and his involvement with this case.”


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