The Bismarcks Tribune Review obits obituary

The BISMARECK TRIBUNE’S obit in the Fargo Tribune is a review of the life of Bismark Mayor John B. McLean, whose life has been well chronicled in the local papers over the years.

The obit is a rare sight in the Tribune’s print edition.

It is an obit, which means the paper’s editors have decided it is worth noting in a daily newspaper.

The paper does not have any such guidelines, so it has decided to add the review to the paper.

McLean died on Jan. 25 at age 82.

He was a Republican who served as mayor of Fargo from 1973 to 1984.

His successor, David T. McPherson, has been in office since May 2016.

The Tribune has been publishing obituars for years.

It was not clear whether McLean’s obit was a review or a new feature.

Bismarack Tribune editor-in-chief John Bancroft said the review was not meant to be a definitive one, but to give readers the best view of the man and his life.

“It’s a bit of a different kind of obit,” Bancrock said.

“There’s nothing here that we feel is going to be completely wrong.

We don’t want to be like the Bismarsack Times.”

BancroFT said the Tribune obit includes some details that are not readily available in the paper, such as a brief biography of McLean by his son, Robert, and a note from the Fargo Police Department describing a traffic stop in the area of his childhood home.

In addition to McLean and McPhersons obitals, the Tribunes obit also includes a brief profile of McPHERSON.

The Tribune, which is owned by the Tribune Company, is a part of the Minneapolis-based American Federation of Labor.

It also includes photos of McBride, the Fargo Mayor, as a boy in the 1960s, and photos of his family.

For more on Fargo and other North Dakota communities, read the Fargo Star Tribune article “The fact that we had this is really special, that we have the opportunity to tell the story of someone who has a tremendous impact on Fargo, Fargo,” Bismack said.

He said he had not considered adding the review.

“It will be something that we will be proud to include,” Biscarack said, adding that the Tribuns obit will be part of our regular coverage.

The Tribunes coverage will begin Wednesday and run through Jan. 31.

The review will not be available on the Tribunews website.


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