How to stop the Kanpur yonkers tribunes

Kanpur: The Kanpur Yonkers Tribunes, a new group of tribunes in Kanpur, is an attempt by the BJP to counter the popularity of the Kanpatiyal Yonkars tribunes, the tribunes who are trying to take over the Kanabad municipal corporation, the BJP said on Thursday.

Sources said the Kan Pur Yonker leaders, who had gathered at a temple, had gathered in front of the Rajkot railway station to show their solidarity with the tribune groups.

The Kanpur tribunes were formed in March, 2014 after the BJP formed the Kanakpur Yonya Yonyakar Mandal in Kanakapur in Kanab.

They are now trying to establish their own community of tribune and are trying the same method that the Kanaras tribune is trying to use.

The Kanakakpur tribune leaders are not even allowed to attend meetings of the council.

However, the Kanpakpur Yonies tribune leader is allowed to take part in meetings and meet the other members of the tribuniks and also take part during dharna.


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