How to write your tribune story without breaking the law

Posted September 29, 2018 11:50:32 The story that emerges from the tribune is always more interesting than the one that was told.

And when we think about how we might present that story in the media, we can’t help but notice the ways in which our tribune stories could be more or less misleading, depending on the context.

Here are five things we could do better to avoid the temptation to tell a misleading story.


It could be about a big event, not just a local story.

A story about the grand jury’s decision on the death penalty or the verdict in a wrongful conviction case could be the basis for an article about a county coroner’s finding of the death of a child.

A good story about a local court’s decision to appoint a new judge could be a story about how the county clerk’s office changed its policies after the death in a nursing home of a woman who was in and out of jail for years.

But if your story is about a case that involves local government and a local leader, such as a county clerk or sheriff, a story that is less likely to be a local event can be the focus of a story.


It should be about something that matters.

You can tell your tribunes that your case involves the death and the coroner’s decision or the decision of a grand jury but you should be careful not to repeat the same stories over and over again.

This may sound like a slight, but stories about local issues need to be told from the perspective of people in a community where they live.

In some places, such a story could be based on a small community’s experience with a local problem, or local leaders have come to the aid of a local resident.

If you want to tell the story of a major incident, such an event may involve a national security threat, the end of a war, a natural disaster or even the deaths of a few people.

In those circumstances, you might want to choose a story of less significance than the story you’re telling about a different event.


It can’t be a true story.

There’s no way to tell your readers that you’re doing the best you can for them by bringing their story to them, so a true-to-life story about your case would be impossible.

The best you could do is to tell them the story as you remember it, but not the way you remember the story.


It’s not a good fit for the story format.

If your story requires a big and dramatic shift in the tone of the story, then it will tend to lose traction with readers.

It might not be a good idea to tell it in a way that’s too dramatic, and if you want a story to stick around for a long time, make it a story you can relive at least once a week.

If the story has a straightforward and understandable format, then you might be able to make it work, but if it’s complex, the readers might not like the complexity of the details and the lack of an ending.


It has to be about you, your story and your case.

The tribune has a great deal of power to shape the way we read a story, and in this era of digital media, it’s particularly important that we’re telling stories that reflect the realities of our time.

But sometimes we don’t want to think about that power when we read, and that’s why a tribune can be just as important as a reporter or editor.


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