Viking Festival turns to a new festival with ‘Ikea’ theme

IKEA is bringing back the Viking Festival in 2019, and it’s getting a little weird.

The Swedish company is kicking off the annual festival in downtown Minneapolis with a new concept that features an Ikea-themed theme park, a restaurant, a beer garden and a food court.

IKEAs first Viking festival was held in 2011, when the retailer was acquired by the Swedish company, which has also been busy bringing back other outdoor events like snowboarding and water skiing.

The company is trying to make the event more than just a one-day event by bringing in other outdoor retailers, including Walmart, to the mix.

But fans of the IKEAS brand are still trying to figure out how the company will use its brand.IKEA Viking Festival will be a five-day festival in Minneapolis.

It starts Sunday, June 4 and runs through June 12.

For details, visit

The festival will be on-site, but it will be open for guests to enjoy on-street parking.

Ikeas CEO and co-founder Erik Solheim told the Star Tribune the new festival will feature a new “Ikeabox” concept, which the company calls the “world’s largest open-floor-plan furniture store.”

It will feature new items from Ikea, including an Ikeabox for $4,200, and a new version of Ikea’s signature sofa that costs $6,500.

The “IKEABOX” has a “living room floor,” meaning it can accommodate four people.

The new furniture will be in the store’s “home section” for guests of the event.

The Ikea “home area” will include a variety of different furniture, including “home kitchen, coffee table, dining table, bookcase, and more,” according to the event description.

Ikea is also bringing back its signature coffee table that can seat four, and the “bookcase” can hold a “seated book,” according the description.

The store will also have a “wine room” that “will have a glass and wine bar.”

For the food court, IKES is bringing in “delicious and seasonal fare,” including “a selection of artisanal and seasonal food,” according IKEABOOTH.

The company is also adding “a new and unique menu of ice cream and snacks.”

The event will also feature a live performance by local musicians, and IKEANS music festival will take place at the event, according to IKEIACAST.

ICA has been holding the event at the ICA Theater since the festival began, and festivalgoers can also “visit the IKA” event page for more information.

Iklas is planning to have about 1,000 guests on-hand for the event on Saturday, according IKABAR.

IKA will also be hosting a “Mash-up Fest” in conjunction with the festival, featuring a variety items, including a “mash-and-match” “J.

Crew” and “JCPenney” collection.”IKEIABOON” is the first new event to be added to the festival calendar since IKEACAST, which started back in 2016.


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