Texas probate judge is getting $1.8 million in salary increase

Travis County Probate Judge John W. Hornell has received a $1,816,000 salary increase, according to the Texas Judicial Council.

Hornnell, who has been presiding over a Travis County probate court for the past five years, will earn a base salary of $250,000 per year.

Hornett will also receive a bonus of $300,000 for each month of service, and $1 million for each year of service.

Hornetell will earn $832,500 annually.

Hornetts base salary will be $250 per month, with a bonus at $1 per month.

Hornette will earn an annual base salary that is $175,000.

Horns base salary is $500 per month with a $200 bonus.

Horneys bonus will be a $500 bonus.

The salary increase comes after Hornell received a call from the Travis County Clerk’s Office to begin preparing for a new office in the Dallas suburb of Pearland.

Hornlees salary was reduced by $5,000 as a result of a contract that he signed in April of 2016.

Hornells salary will not be affected by the new office, Hornell said.

Hornlays base salary was $175 per month when he was appointed by then-Gov.

Greg Abbott.

In a statement, Hornlidge said he was excited to take on this new role and the opportunity to be a judge in the Texas Probate Court.

“I am looking forward to taking this new challenge,” Hornell told the Texas News Service.

Hornella was previously a judge for Travis County.

In 2015, Hornleell served as the district attorney in the city of Fort Worth.


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