President Joe Biden: ‘We don’t have enough time’ to respond to Trump’s Charlottesville speech

Biden spoke with reporters Thursday morning in Washington, D.C., after announcing that the U.S. would suspend travel to the U, which includes Canada and Mexico, until the U of C. canceled its scheduled commencement on Friday.

He said he would be discussing the matter with his national security adviser, Tom Donilon, and the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees U.N. diplomats.

Biden’s decision comes just a day after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one counterprotester dead and hundreds injured.

The president’s response to the protests has been divisive, with many calling for the resignation of his chief of staff and the removal of the president, while others have called for him to stand down.

In a statement Thursday morning, the White House said Biden will “work with members of his Cabinet and others who have strong ties to our nation to make a swift, decisive, and focused response.”

Biden also told reporters that his administration is reviewing a U.K. travel ban, which the country’s prime minister has called “unconstitutional” and the Justice Department has said will hurt U.L.G.S., a nonprofit that assists the homeless.

 Biden said the White, State, and Justice Departments will work together to develop a strategy to “protect Americans from the threat of terrorism and the threat that is being posed by individuals and groups who share a deep commitment to hate.”

Biden’s statement said the UB community is in mourning, and it is in the national interest to address this as quickly as possible.

The White House also urged people in the U-L.

Gs. community to “continue to support the efforts of the Department and local law enforcement.”

Bidens announcement came a day before President Donald Trump announced his resignation, which included the resignation and demotion of his two most senior officials.

Trump announced that he will not seek reelection next year.

 “While I strongly condemn all forms of bigotry, violence, and hatred, there is one group of Americans that are particularly worthy of condemnation,” Biden said.

“This is one of them: white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and other white supremacists and racists who believe that their beliefs are the only legitimate way to live in this country.

These are people who, when confronted with the truth, turn to violence.

These actions must end.

We must all stand together to defeat this threat.”

“In the face of the hate that this hateful group is spreading, I am calling on everyone who believes in freedom and justice to come together to condemn and defeat these people, and for the nation to stand up against these thugs,” Biden added.

Trump’s resignation comes after the president’s own resignation in the wake of his response to Charlottesville.

The decision to step down comes after months of criticism for his failure to publicly condemn white nationalists and the Kuamatas Charlottesville, VA, rally, which saw a woman, Heather Heyer, die when a car plowed into a crowd of counterprotesters.

As for Biden, the vice president’s decision is a clear victory for the president and the Republican Party, as he had long criticized the president for his response and called for his resignation.


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