How a new tribune in Gujarat, Punjab was made into a state TV station

The tribune was created by a state government to broadcast live coverage of the assembly elections.

It was meant to give the state government a way to keep the media focused on the election.

The tribunes broadcast a news segment on election night.

But the news segment was quickly cut off.

A video clip showed a man with a black mask holding a placard reading ‘I am a tribune’.

The tribine was a controversial figure who had made headlines before the elections.

His name was Gopinath Munde.

The state BJP was unhappy with Munde’s presence at the assembly polls.

The tribune is not allowed to wear a cap and gown.

It is only allowed to have a black shirt and jeans, but not a turban.

It was Munde who was caught on camera with his hands raised.

The camera then zoomed out to show the tribine wearing a white jacket and jeans.

He is seen with his arms crossed.

The video clip was edited out of the video.

The footage went viral and Munde was forced to apologise on social media.

The state BJP also tweeted that it was “deeply saddened” by Munde and the tribunteers actions.

The State BJP’s leader in Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, said Munde had been “firmly” opposed to the tribunes presence at elections.

“We have decided to cancel Munde from the tribumens booth at the upcoming assembly elections,” he tweeted.

“Munde’s comments have been vehemently rejected by the party and we will not allow him to be a member of the party.

We will not tolerate him being associated with us.”

He also tweeted: “The tribunes are our allies.

They should be respected.

I apologise unreservedly for Munde being part of the BJP.”


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