How did a Chicago newspaper become a crossword puzzle?

How did the Chicago Tribune become a world-famous crossword game?

As a local newspaper, the Tribune has been crossword solving for more than 50 years, and it was a hobby for the late, great Mark J. Sullivan.

Today, the newspaper’s crossword puzzles include the popular “What’s in the Mirror?” puzzle.

“I think crosswords were born out of curiosity and curiosity was a part of the culture,” Sullivan said.

“People were fascinated with crosswords, and the world around them was interested in crosswords.”

The crossword, or puzzle, is a form of crossword that involves placing pieces of paper or colored blocks onto a grid of pieces.

Pieces of paper are called tiles, and squares are called blocks.

The pieces of a puzzle are arranged in a grid, with a line separating the grid and the pieces.

The piece that is placed on top of the next piece must be placed on the next line, or the puzzle will not work.

“The idea was that if you put a piece of paper, the puzzle would work,” said Sullivan.

“But if you place a piece on top, you have to put it next to the next.

That means the puzzle’s a little bit different from a regular puzzle.”

“So we had a long time, like a couple of years, when the newspaper was in the process of crosswords,” said John Fussell, the paper’s editor for decades.

“We would put together the paper, and we would try to figure out the crossword solutions, and people were always asking, ‘What’s the answer?’

And that was really the first time we had the opportunity to do crosswords in a real puzzle format.”

Today, Sullivan’s puzzle column, the Tribunemedia, has a dedicated crossword section.

Sullivan said the paper is the only paper in Chicago that has crossword sections dedicated to the games.

“It’s the only one of its kind in the world,” he said.

When the paper started crossword writing, Sullivan was just beginning to develop his skills.

He took a job at the paper in the early 1980s, and by 1989, he had become a full-time employee.

“After the paper moved, I was a freelancer,” Sullivan recalled.

“When I was in Chicago, I got a job on the weekends and I would work the weekend shift.

I’d come in early, I’d get the paper up and go to work, and then I’d go home and I’d try to get back to the paper.”

Sullivan became a regular contributor to the Tribune crossword column and, in 1994, the publication was purchased by Tribune Publishing.

“This was when crosswords started to become popular, and they had this amazing puzzle column,” Sullivan told The Daily Currant.

“And then they were also writing this crossword article.

So I think there was a time when people started to really enjoy crosswords.

People wanted to see the puzzle columns, they wanted to learn about crosswords and they wanted the puzzles to be more interesting.”

The puzzle columns are written by Sullivan and his staff, and are published every Sunday and Friday.

Sullivan’s column has been featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and is one of the longest-running crossword columns in the country.

The columns were a big hit.

“They had to do a couple thousand puzzles,” Sullivan remembered.

“In some cases, they had to make sure that the puzzle was correct by going back and trying to solve them a third time.”

The columns had to be well-designed, with puzzles that had to fit on the paper.

“A lot of times, it’s a puzzle that’s been written for many years, it has a lot of information on it,” said Katie Miller, a former editor of the Tribunes crossword and a former reporter for the Tribune.

“So you need to have something that’s not only easy to solve, but also easy to learn.

There needs to be a certain amount of challenge in it, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Sullivan also had to get a lot done, which meant he had to work with an experienced puzzle editor, who was also a seasoned crossword writer.

Sullivan wrote a column for the Tribune for more then 10 years, which was published in 1992 and featured some of his best-known puzzles.

“As a puzzle editor for a couple years, I had the pleasure of working with John R. Miller, who is still with the paper today,” Sullivan explained.

“He was the puzzle editor of The Tribune Crossword, which we used to do all the puzzle puzzles for the paper for about a decade.”

“He and I have been friends for years,” Miller added.

“John’s been the puzzle Editor for the last 20 years, so I’ve been with him for a long, long time.

I think he’s been around the puzzle game a


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