Which is more important: the job, or the health of the country?

Washington Post title The jobs that matter: The jobs or the economy?

article By Bob Woodward and Bob Woodward & the Washington Post staff | Feb. 16, 2021 12:18 p.m.

ET 1The nation’s most prominent economists say that the jobs and the economy are on the wrong track, and they call for action from the White House and Congress to restore those fortunes.

The issue is how to bring back the economy that has been hurt by President Donald Trump’s policies, said Richard Kogan, who served as Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton.

The economy is still doing well.

It is getting better, Kogan said in an interview, but not as well as we’d like.

The president has done a lot to improve the economy and bring the unemployment rate down, but the economy is not as strong as we would like.

He has made the economy worse, not better, he said.

He’s been an economic disaster.

Kogan and other experts say the federal government has been spending too much and too little to support the economy.

A strong recovery has not materialized in some sectors, and that is hurting the economy more than it helps it, Kogansaid.

The Federal Reserve, the central bank, is now doing more to stimulate the economy, but it has done little to create jobs, said Gary Cohn, president of the National Economic Council, which advises the president.

The jobless rate has fallen to its lowest level in decades, while inflation has stayed at around 3 percent for too long, according to data from the Labor Department.

But a slowdown in construction has slowed the economy while consumer spending has fallen, said Robert Warshawski, a former chief economist at the Federal Reserve and now a fellow at the Brookings Institution.

The White House has proposed a plan to boost job creation by expanding tax incentives for companies to hire and invest, and expanding unemployment benefits, among other measures.

But economists say the proposal, if implemented, would not produce enough jobs to offset the economic damage.

The Trump administration is proposing to extend unemployment benefits through 2027, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business groups have urged Congress to hold off on the expansion.

The problem is that we need to focus on what the economy really needs to do to get back to where we need it to be, said Charles Gaba, who has worked for decades at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and now teaches economics at the University of Michigan.

The economy needs to grow faster than it has in years, but in a sustainable way, he added.

The president has promised to “get the economy moving again” and to take on the country’s economic challenges.

The jobless rates are not going down.

They are going up, he argued in a recent op-ed piece in the New York Times.

The White House is not going to solve the problem by throwing more money at it.

The administration is focusing on what is important to businesses: jobs, the unemployment rates, and growth, said Kogan.

They have been focusing on that, and are failing to address the real problems facing the economy right now.

The federal government should do more to help the private sector, said James Kallinen, who is a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

It should provide loans to small businesses to help them expand and hire people.

It needs to support growth by promoting the growth of the private market, and by encouraging investment, he wrote in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal.

The unemployment rate should be the new standard, said Gaba.

We need to get the jobless to at least 5 percent and see if we can get to that, said Morgan Lewis, a senior economist at Citigroup.

But we have to be realistic about what it takes to do that, Lewis said.

The Trump administration has proposed to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but economists say raising the minimum could have negative effects.

The wage needs to be low enough that it is not hurting business, said Alan Krueger, the director of the White and Council of Economic Advisers at the White, not the Department of Labor.

The rate of inflation has been too high, and it should be higher, Kruegersaid.

A higher inflation rate might create more demand for consumer goods, which would boost inflation.

The Fed has been keeping interest rates low and has increased its balance sheet in response to weak demand for Treasuries and other debt, according, to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

But the rate of interest on U.K. government debt is still too high.

The bank has cut interest rates and has provided cash to households.

Kogan called the U of W’s decision to raise the borrowing limit a “bad move,” because it has encouraged the economy to slow down and reduce the level of the debt.

The U.W. government also should have done more to address inflation, Kagan said


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