Tribune’s new live video app has a serious tech problem

TRIBUNE — Tribune’s live video chat app has serious tech problems, according to its creators.

The software, called TQLive, was supposed to make live video chats a reality.

But now it’s showing up on all the major platforms and has been making waves since its launch in late May.

The tech problem appears to be with TQ live, not the app itself.

Here’s what you need to know about the tech problem:TQLive is supposed to be a chat app for video conferencing.

But it doesn’t actually work like that.

It’s an app that lets you call up a group of people to chat.

And it’s supposed to do it that way, so people won’t have to do anything.

It works fine for a few months, until a major bug causes it to crash.

The problem is the app’s interface is so bad, it’s unusable.

The only thing you can do is watch video while the chat happens, and then you can’t call up the person you want to talk to again.TQ Live is a work in progress, and the developers say it’s only recently been made public.

But the company says the problem has been “fixed” and that there’s no evidence that people are using it on their phones.

Tribunes founder and CEO Ben Levin has a lot to answer for in the coming days and weeks.

For starters, Tribune has said that it will have a new live app, and it’s promising to have a lot of updates.

But in a follow-up tweet, Levin said that “it’s a big company.”

That sounds like a major company.

Tribune is the brainchild of Levin and partner Andrew Seidler, and they’ve built the company from the ground up.

They’re both entrepreneurs and had little previous experience in the video-chat space.

But they’ve spent a lot time working on Tribune over the last two years.

The Tribune team says they’ve been trying to improve TQ Live for the last year, and that it has been improved on numerous occasions.

But that improvement was a big problem for Levin and Seidlers, who said they had to redesign the app because of the problems.

The problem is TQlive’s interface.

The app is an iOS-based app, but it’s not entirely iOS-only.

It supports Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

It also uses a third-party chat app called Tqlive.

The Tribunes live chat app uses that app, which is a big deal.

But Tribune also has an Android app, TribLive.

This means it’s basically a Web-based version of Tribune, but you’re able to talk on the same app and you can send video chats to other Tribunes.

That means people who have trouble with the Android app can still use the iOS app to talk live, but people who don’t have trouble on iOS can still call up their Tribune friends to chat with.

The iOS app has been around for a while, and a number of Tribunes have been using it since its debut.

It was designed by the same team that developed Tribune.

But as far as the app is concerned, it is, by far, the best.

The biggest issue with Tribune live is that it crashes when you attempt to send a video chat.

It happens when people are talking on different platforms.

Tribunes chat app crashes every time you try to send someone to a Tribune chat, and when it does, it crashes with the message “This app is currently not compatible with Tribunes.”

Tribuylive says that when it crashes, it will not crash the app.

It says it’s working on fixing this, but that Tribune isn’t getting any help from Tribunes developers.

“TribuLive is not working.

TribuLive has been a great tool for Tribune,” Tribu Live said in a statement.

“TribruLive is a great chat app with great features, and TribruLive will continue to work on Tribu.

Tribuy Live has been in production for more than a year and has the same great design and user experience.

Tribru Live is the only Tribuy app that is working on the new Tribu and Tribu LIVE.”

I’m guessing this isn’t a big issue for Tribuy.

But I’m wondering if the problem is with the app or the developer.

If you have a Tribuy chat, you can call up someone, and you have the option to talk.

If Tribuy doesn’t work, you’re left with a very awkward video chat, because the app isn’t working.

The developer isn’t really accountable.

I think this is an important issue.

The app has never been designed to be perfect.

If the developers can’t fix the problem, it seems unlikely that the Tribuy experience will be as smooth and reliable


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