How to read the obituations: A guide

The obituary has become a major feature of Australian culture.

It’s a way of conveying our love and admiration for those we lost to illness, disease or other tragedies.

It is a reminder of those who have come before us, who have gone on to great things.

And it is a great source of inspiration for those who are working towards their own personal and professional advancement.

Here are some of the best ways to read an obituary in the language of Australian literature.

‘I loved him dearly’ The obit was a response to the death of a loved one in Australia.

It was written by the late Michael J. Higgins, a retired journalist who lived in Canberra, Australia.

‘It was a heartfelt statement.

I am sorry for the loss of a wonderful friend and colleague, Mr Higgins, who passed away peacefully on March 23, 2021 at the age of 85,’ he wrote.

Higgins died in Sydney, aged 81.

‘Mr Higgins was an inspiration to many.

I will always treasure his memory and his wisdom.’

A few days after the obit, Higgins posted on Facebook: ‘I love him dearly.’

The obits of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, former Federal Opposition Leader Bob Hawke, former Labor Party leader Bob Hawkes, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former Treasurer Wayne Swan are also a great way to remember someone.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation also published a book on the topic titled, ‘Mr. Higgins: The Great American Memoir’.

‘A loving and respectful person’ Higgins’s obit made him a favourite among Australians, with some calling him the “father of Australian journalism”.

He was known for his love of Australia and for his willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to help his country.

‘A wonderful, kind and generous man, and one of Australia’s great friends’ Higgins wrote that he was ‘a friend to many Australians, particularly those who share our values and traditions’.

‘He was a great friend to me in my last days of life, and he is the only person I have ever known who cared as much about me as he did for Australia and its people.

‘He will be greatly missed by many, and I will miss him immensely.’

‘The great and abiding affection and respect that he showed to his countrymen’ Higgins often described his work as a ‘gift from the gods’.

‘His passion for Australia was as great as his love for the people and the country,’ Higgins wrote.

‘To him and his colleagues, we owe a great debt of gratitude for the many years of service to our country.’

Higgins was known to be generous, caring and compassionate.

He said he ‘loved people with whom he worked’ and would often ‘share a pint of water with them as they left their work, as they came home from the office or when they visited the local pub’.

Higgins’s wife and daughter are also members of the Royal Australian Legion.

‘My heart goes out to his family and friends, and to those who mourn him,’ Higgins said in a statement.

‘His love for Australia will live on in our lives for years to come.

‘This year has been one of the most difficult for me as I have come to terms with the loss.

It has also been a time of profound and extraordinary changes for the world of journalism.

‘The loss of Michael Higgins has had an enormous impact on my family, but also on me.

I know how grateful I am for all the support I have received and for the kind words of friends and family, and of the many people who have touched my life with their kindness and concern for me.

‘But it is my duty to continue to care for his memory, and my duty as an Australian citizen to make sure that our nation continues to honour him in the way that he loved us.

‘We all have to be more mindful of how we use our time and how we spend our time.

This is especially true for a man who loved so many.’

The most popular obit The obitations of Australian sports stars have also been among the best-selling books in Australia over the years.

In 2017, the sports writers’ association published a best-seller list of the 100 best Australian sports books.

The list included the best sports books by AFL player Darren Beale, the best Australian book by former football star Mark Geyer, and the best sport books by former tennis player Roger Federer.

Beale wrote a book about his time with the Kangaroos and his time in the Australian National Team.

‘For a country that celebrates its sporting history, there is something special about Darren Bealys work.

It reminds me of the Australian Dream,’ he said in his book.

Geyer was one of football’s most successful players.

He was a four-time AFL All-Australian, was named Australia’s most valuable player, and won a number of major trophies including the Brownlow Medal and the Melbourne Cup.

‘Football has given me


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