Clinton, Biden face off in third presidential debate

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden faced off in the third presidential presidential debate Monday night, but it was the former Democratic vice president who took the stage first.

Clinton’s performance in the debate was well-received, and her remarks focused on the issues that matter most to Americans: economic justice, women’s rights, climate change, immigration and the opioid crisis.

But her closing remarks did not match her earlier speech.

In her opening remarks, Biden said, “This is not a fight for the middle class.

This is a fight to raise our wages.”

But Clinton was not satisfied with his speech.

The Democratic presidential nominee then pivoted to talking about how she wants to “protect the working families of this country,” and to discuss how “the people who have lost their jobs and been laid off are not going to be ignored.”

The Democratic nominee then moved on to the economy, with Biden stating, “We’re going to get this economy going again.”

Clinton then pivots to the opioid epidemic, and stated, “These drugs are killing people, and they’re costing lives.”

“And that’s why I have pledged to use every tool in my power to protect the working people of this nation,” Clinton concluded her speech.

“I will not accept a rigged economy.

I will not allow the greed of Wall Street to wreck our economy.

We are the only country on earth that is not going broke on behalf of the working class.

And I will use every available tool to rebuild our country, to make it more fair, to give every American hope, to rebuild a country where everyone has a chance.”

In the closing minutes of the debate, Clinton delivered her closing statement and the crowd applauded her as she left the stage.

The crowd then began chanting her name, which was met with boos.

Clinton, who was booed repeatedly during her closing address, spoke to the crowd about the importance of fighting the opioid problem in the United States, as well as her plans to protect working families.

She said, as president, she would create a commission to look at ways to combat the opioid abuse epidemic and make sure it does not continue to plague America.

She also outlined her plan to “work with Congress to make sure the costs of opioids are paid for by pharmaceutical companies, not the people who pay the bills,” Clinton said.

Biden’s comments, however, focused on how Clinton would create an environment that would make it harder for pharmaceutical companies to sell their drugs to the public.

“There are people out there who need jobs, but they’re not working hard enough, and we can’t let that happen,” Biden said.

“That’s why we’re going after them, that’s what we’re doing to them.

We need to make that happen.”

The first presidential debate was a bit of a letdown for both candidates, but one that should serve as a wake-up call for both parties.

Both candidates were on the stage with their respective bases in the midst of an election cycle where they had to face off against a new administration that has pledged to push back against any attempts to make America more diverse.

Clinton was the first woman to receive a major party’s nomination for president, and Biden was the second.

Both candidates were criticized by both parties for their handling of the opioid crises, but Trump’s comments in the aftermath of the first debate raised concerns among Democrats about how they would deal with the crisis in the future.

Clinton responded to the criticism by saying, “I think I’ve said everything I can think of and I’m prepared to say anything.

I don’t think anybody’s going to listen to me if I say I don, but I’m going to say it anyway.”

Biden went on to address the issue of drug addiction, and said,”We’ve had a huge spike in opioid addiction in this country.

It’s a terrible, tragic situation.

I have a daughter who’s addicted to opioids.

I know what that’s like.

And we can do better than that.

And it’s time to stop the drugs, and it’s not time to let it go on.”


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