How to beat the Alabama Senate race

The Republican Party in Alabama has a problem.

And, as in all states, there are two major parties.

The Republican party is the dominant force in the state and, while the Democrats are a smaller, more fractured, more grassroots organization, the two parties are united in their shared disdain for the other.

Republicans have a long history of trying to win elections in Alabama, where they have dominated the state since the 1950s.

In 2016, Republican Roy Moore won an upset over Democrat Doug Jones.

He was a fervent defender of the state’s reputation as a racist bastion.

It wasn’t long before Moore began running for state and local office again, winning a seat in the Alabama House of Representatives.

This time, he ran as a populist who spoke out against the Alabama Dream, a promise made by the United States to create an economically vibrant and ethnically diverse state.

And he was right.

He got more votes than any other Republican candidate in the race, and the Democrats, who are a little more conservative than Republicans, picked up the seat.

This year, the Republican Party is trying to do the same thing again in Alabama.

While the Democratic Party is a little less powerful than the Republican party, it is the most unified of the two.

And the Republican and Democratic parties have both supported the same agenda: dismantling the Voting Rights Act and stripping back protections for minorities and women.

And that’s not just what they’re doing.

In Alabama, there has been a wave of right-wing violence that began in 2016.

Since then, right- wing groups have repeatedly targeted Muslims and immigrants, and they’ve taken to the streets in support of these groups.

This is a wave that has been going on for a long time.

There’s no question that the right-hand men of the Republican movement are deeply rooted in the party, and there’s no doubt that they have their own agenda that has come to fruition.

But there is also a deep resentment in the Republican base of the fact that the Democrats have become more moderate, more progressive and more open to diversity and social justice.

And this is something that the Republicans are trying to exploit in Alabama by attacking the Democrats and trying to turn the state into a one-party state.

But in doing so, they’re putting the Alabama Democratic Party in a very precarious position.

It is a state where they’ve lost both seats in the legislature and it is a seat where Republicans hold a huge majority.

The Democratic Party needs to figure out how to deal with the backlash, how to stop the violence and how to rebuild its base.

They’ve got to find a way to get people to vote for Democrats in the coming elections.

And if they’re not able to do that, then they’re going to have to figure it out in 2018.

It’s a long and complicated story, but here are some of the key moments that have unfolded in Alabama over the past few months.

December 13, 2017 – After President Donald Trump won the election, the Alabama GOP began the process of trying and failing to get Alabama to go along with their agenda.

In March 2018, a coalition of conservative Christian organizations filed a lawsuit against the state, arguing that the state had violated the Voting Act by stripping away the voting rights of millions of voters who didn’t have voting IDs.

This lawsuit was dismissed, but it spurred a backlash against the Republican state government and led to the appointment of a special prosecutor, who found that the Democratic legislature had been deliberately suppressing the vote in the run-up to the election.

In October 2018, the state legislature passed a bill to overturn the election results and to re-elect Republican Roy S. Moore as governor.

But on November 1, the Supreme Court overturned the state constitution in a 5-4 ruling, saying that the legislature could not disenfranchise voters without first getting a court order.

This ruling was a blow to the Republican legislature and its efforts to keep the vote counted.

In January 2019, the Democrat legislature sent a letter to all state agencies, asking them to investigate claims of voter fraud.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey had already appointed a special special prosecutor to look into allegations of voter disenfranchisement.

But Ivey has since stepped down from office and resigned.

And then there was the election of Roy Moore as the state attorney general in March 2019.

It was the most significant victory the Republicans have had in the 2018 election.

But it was also the most devastating blow to Alabama’s conservative and Christian communities.

Moore’s campaign had been built on a series of racist and anti-Muslim rhetoric, which had been amplified by the far-right website the Gateway Pundit.

And in September 2019, a Muslim woman was found to have voted twice in a heavily Democratic city, which was later determined to have been illegal.

She was arrested and charged with voter fraud and had to post bond.

In April 2019, Moore was appointed the state Attorney General, and he


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