Why the Irish-American writer Meadville Tribune obituary is more than a simple obit

A TRIBUNE obit in which Meadvillers Joe Pertz and Mark E. Miller were honored for their contributions to the paper’s coverage of the 2016 election cycle is now the most read piece in its history.

But the obit was also a milestone for the paper.

Its success is due largely to the fact that its journalists were all veterans, who were in a unique position to understand the political landscape and the issues it faced in their native country.

“Our journalists are so much more aware of the issues that affect the country,” said the Tribune’s president, Bill Meehan, who was one of the first veterans to join the paper in 1971.

“It’s the only place I can think of where you can see the issues affecting the country and still write about it.

We all have certain political positions, certain backgrounds and certain things that we know that you can’t get across on the news. “

We all have different experiences.

We all have certain political positions, certain backgrounds and certain things that we know that you can’t get across on the news.

How are we going to do that?’ “

So when I first got there, we started to hear that some of the veterans were saying, ‘I want to get involved in politics and help get the message out.

How are we going to do that?’

And we started talking to the veterans and telling them that we had veterans who had done this and they were willing to take on a certain kind of leadership role and we wanted some of those veterans on our staff.”

The Tribune began with a reporter and a few veteran journalists, including former New York Times reporter Tom Goldstein, who became its executive editor in 2011.

“That was a pretty radical idea,” said Goldstein.

“I had never seen anything like it, to say the least.

We didn’t have a veteran reporter or veteran editor on the staff.

We had people who were just veterans.

We were in the midst of the Iraq war.

And we didn’t even have any veterans on staff.”

They were looking for people who understood the country.

A veteran journalist in New York City, Goldstein said, was a huge help.

“He helped us really to understand what the media landscape was and how that worked and how people in the media saw themselves,” said Meegan.

“And that helped us understand that this was a great opportunity.

We couldn’t just put our journalists on the road and drive around the country in a limousine.”

“We wanted to put our veterans on the street and walk around the world in a car,” said another veteran journalist, Mark A. Miller, who now serves as the Tribuune’s executive editor.

“As a veteran, I feel a lot of the time that’s not what the world sees us as.”

The veteran journalists were a big help, and the paper was able to create a unique approach to coverage that focused on a wide range of issues, ranging from race relations to immigration.

“The idea that you could just put a veteran on a car, drive around and talk about this and talk to people about it and not worry about it in the way you might normally think about that,” said Miller.

The way we did it was, when you had a question about something in the paper, we were supposed to go into the paper and find out why it was a question. “

But we had to find ways to keep it honest and to keep the tone straight.

The way we did it was, when you had a question about something in the paper, we were supposed to go into the paper and find out why it was a question.

And then we had a journalist answer the question and then we would go to the reporter and say, ‘Do you have a question?

Are you a veteran?’

And then you could talk to them about it.”

But the process of creating the paper has not been without controversy.

“You’re supposed to tell the truth, you’re supposed, you should be able and you should not be a danger to your own community, but we didn’st do that,” Mee said.

“People don’t trust us.

We’re supposed be this way.

And I think we’re in a bit of a position of having to defend ourselves.”

Miller and the other veterans had their own stories about how the paper dealt with the Trump administration.

The Tribuute was the first paper to report on the Trump inauguration.

But that report had to be cut short because of a media blackout imposed on the administration by the Trump Justice Department.

“When you were covering the inauguration, you were supposed not to talk to the press.

You weren’t supposed to say anything about the Trump family.

You were supposed, by the way, not to mention the President himself,” Miller said.

The Trump administration was accused of being anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT.

Miller said the paper handled it all fairly.

“They did a great


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