‘I was going crazy’: Husband, wife take time off to care for their two sons after they’re diagnosed with cancer

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait — For nearly two years, Mohammed and Taimou Abu-Mulk have been away from their children, but now they’re finally back in the house after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

The Abu-muls, who have two young sons, have been married for over five years and had planned to spend the rest of their lives together.

But their doctors told them to take time to care ailing children and family members, so they decided to return to work and take a break.

The couple is the second family to take advantage of a government plan that will allow families with children to take part in the care of their sick or injured relatives.

The program, called the National Care Program, was announced in April and will offer up to 1,200 days of paid leave for families with one or more of the following conditions: children with cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, or chronic kidney disease, or if the family has more than one sick relative.

A family with children with a history of brain cancer is eligible to take a 10-day paid vacation, which must be paid by the government.

Families with multiple sclerosis or chronic renal disease, who are both at high risk of needing dialysis, will also be eligible for a 10 days of free treatment.

Mukhtar, who is 65, and Tadeef, 61, said they were surprised by the program and that they were grateful to be able to return home for a break, but it also brought some relief.

Mulk’s son, Mohammad, had been diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2012, but he’s now in remission.

The doctors told him to go to work so that he could help his father with his care and get better.

The family had already started looking for jobs but they thought that would be too much for them.

Mulhaji and his wife, Taimun, say they have never experienced such a benefit in their lives before.

The new benefits are a boon to the Abu-malik family, but the news will also cause concern among family members who have already been impacted by the disease.

They fear the family will lose benefits because they are the ones with the burden of caring for ailing loved ones, said Muhammad Abu-Saleh, a family friend.

The family has also been told that their relatives with a stroke, stroke victims or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are ineligible for the program.

The U.S. State Department says that in order to qualify for the care, the family must have been treated in the United States and have been receiving disability payments for the last 10 years.

The state department has not released details of how much benefits the family could receive.

The two siblings have been in and out of the hospital since March.

Mohammed, who has suffered from a rare form of lung cancer called an interstitial cystic fibrosis, has been living in a wheelchair for over a decade.

He has had to be transferred several times and has been on a ventilator at least twice.

The Abu-Malik family was not able to pay for him to travel abroad because the U.K. does not allow residents to travel without a medical certificate.

The Iraqi government has announced a nationwide health program that will cover the family, though there are some differences in how it will work.

The Iraqi government will pay for the family’s medical bills, while the U,K.

will cover all of their medical expenses, including travel expenses, and the U.,K.

health ministry will provide support and financial support.

The health ministry said it will pay the family for up to three months of their care, and that in the case of the Iraqi government, the cost will be shared equally between the two countries.

The families are still in the process of finding a doctor who can help them find a new job, but that process is expected to take longer than expected.


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