How to read and react to the news that the news is fake

A conservative political tribune is publishing an op-ed on Tuesday in which the executive director of the conservative outlet argues that “the news media is the real enemy” because they are “the real enemy of the American people.”

The piece, which has been shared over 3 million times, is titled, “The Fake News War: The Real Enemy of the Media.”

The column appears to take a swipe at NewsMax’s editorial style and political stances, stating, “There are many, many ways to write an op/ed, but this one is about one way: Fake news.”

It goes on to criticize the media for its lack of reporting on fake news, calling it a “political weapon” and an “attack on the American way of life.”

“The news media has an agenda.

Their agenda is to create fear and panic and to suppress the free press and to prevent citizens from speaking out,” NewsMax CEO Markos Moulitsas said in a statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“The truth will set you free.”

The article also calls out the media as being in the “bait and switch” strategy of creating false news, which “has led to an enormous rise in fake news and fake news sites.”

In the piece, Moulitas accuses the media of using “fake news as a weapon,” saying that NewsMax has become “a weapon in the hands of the enemies of America.”

The media “fosters false news that is used to incite fear and to further the aims of the enemy of America, the mainstream media,” he writes.

“Their goal is to drive Americans to distraction from their responsibilities and to discredit the news.”

Moulittas argues that the mainstream news media should be “treated like any other news outlet, and their reporters should be treated like journalists.”

“Instead of treating the news media like journalists, we should treat them like ‘fake news,'” he writes, according to TheDCNF.

“They should be punished for their crimes and held accountable for their actions.”

Moultis is not the first conservative journalist to take aim at the news organization.

In February, The Hill reported that the NewsMax editor who published the op-eds was fired over “anti-conservative bias” that led to the termination of the editor-in-chief.

That same month, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board fired a top editor over an op.ed accusing the New York Times of being a “fake” news outlet.


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