A court has awarded a woman the right to sue her employer for $6.2m after a lawsuit against the company resulted in a $6m settlement.

Texas’ supreme court on Wednesday granted a woman’s request for a permanent injunction against her employer, Mobridge Tribune, for alleged negligence in the handling of a fatal traffic accident in 2015.

Mobridge Tribunals claims it was negligent for the driver of a 2007 Honda Accord to stop and fail to warn of the imminent danger before leaving the scene of the crash.

The court said the plaintiff would have been entitled to a permanent order barring the employer from performing any “any act or omission” in relation to the case.

The case has been adjourned until January 18.

In 2016, the court ruled that Mobridge Tribe had not failed to provide an adequate warning system, a condition that required Mobridge to pay damages of $6,835,958.

In response to a question by a member of the court, the employer’s lawyers, Robert Sauer, and James Riggs, said the tribune had failed to meet the requirements of the rules and regulations governing the employer.

They argued the plaintiff had been denied notice that her employer had agreed to a settlement of $4.2 million.

The ruling also found that the employee had not been paid the full amount of $3,854,851.

The tribunal found that Mobridon Tribune failed to notify the injured driver of the potential of an accident or provide a reasonable safety warning and that it failed to make an attempt to warn the driver and/or his passengers that there was a high risk of an impact.

Mobridon also failed to ensure that the driver was wearing a helmet and that the vehicle was in a reasonable condition of functioning, the tribunal found.

The plaintiff has been represented by lawyers from the National Labor Relations Board.


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