When Trump and the Dems meet again: How to stop Trump

Johnstown, PA — A couple weeks ago, President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a joint press conference to discuss a number of pressing issues, including the border wall, the opioid crisis and the health care bill.

Trump and McConnell had a great time, with both parties, on that call, with the president and Senate leader sharing their views on a wide range of issues, from the economy to health care, the military and more.

On Thursday, however, the President made his first appearance since the summit, and he seemed a bit more subdued than usual.

It was a bit weird for him, I guess.

We’ll see how it goes.

He had a pretty good day, I would say.

That’s what I like to do.

But I guess, he was a little more quiet than usual because he’s a little busy right now.

It’s kind of a little bit different for him.

It would have been nice if he came back in and had a little fun.

It doesn’t seem like he’s ready to take a punch, does it?

But, you know, he’s very busy, and I think that’s good.

He doesn’t really have time for that.

We just gotta wait and see how that works out.

But he’s not in a rush.

He just likes to relax, relax, enjoy himself and be with his family.

That was his usual thing.

He’ll be back in a couple of weeks, I think.

But it’s been a little slow lately.

I’ve been on vacation, and that’s been the case for the last few days.

He’s just been a busy man, but he’s been doing it the right way.

It just seems like he is.

He is doing it as the President of the United States.

I think it’s great that he’s having fun, having fun and enjoying himself, but that’s the only way that he does it.

He gets the attention he deserves.

But, obviously, he has a busy schedule.

I do believe that he will be back.

I hope he will, too.

We will see.

I’ll be here, too, as we all have been.

But as far as I’m concerned, he is the President, and the President will be there.


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