How to make the most of a bad weekend in New Hampshire

Lehigh County, New Hampshire has an annual tradition of having a “bad weekend.”

But in 2016, it was even worse than usual.

This week’s bad weekend was not the first time that the region has experienced a bad winter storm, but it was certainly the worst. 

According to the National Weather Service, Lehigh Valley was hit with a winter storm that killed at least 11 people, destroyed hundreds of homes, and left many others homeless. 

The snowstorm and flooding left a trail of destruction as it swept across the region and damaged more than 300 structures, including dozens of historic homes. 

Many of the houses were made of concrete or timber, and many of the structures were built during the last century. 

Lehigh County has long been home to a large Mormon community that has a history of poverty and abuse, and some residents have been left homeless and struggling to pay their bills. 

On the heels of the snowstorm, reported that Lehigh City, New York was also hit with an early winter storm.

The city was hit hard by a devastating winter storm in November 2016, with over 1,100 people displaced and hundreds of buildings destroyed, including a city hall. 

Some of the buildings had been built decades ago and had been heavily damaged during the storms. 

It is not clear whether Lehighville, New Jersey, was also affected by the storm, although its residents have a long history of homelessness and other challenges. 

In January of this year, a tornado struck the town of LaPlace, Oklahoma, killing one person and injuring over 70 others.

The storm knocked out power to parts of LaPlaine, and residents were forced to shelter in their homes for days before power was restored.

In 2016, Leavenworth, Kansas was also struck by a winter weather event. 

While the storm is believed to have caused more damage than usual, it is unclear if the tornadoes were caused by the snow storm or a combination of the two.


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