Why is the Texas Legislature in meltdown?

The Texas Legislature is in meltdown, with Democrats facing a slew of procedural challenges as they try to pass a $1.3 trillion tax package in the face of a massive public backlash.

But while there’s been a lot of coverage of the drama, the details of the messy GOP-led effort are not yet known.

Here’s what we know: The GOP is poised to pass the tax package after its first major hurdle in the Legislature.

In recent days, the GOP has had a series of votes that are expected to fail.

There are also indications that the House Republican leadership is preparing to go back to a closed-door process to try to get the bill passed.

That’s why Senate President Joe Straus has sent a letter to Gov.

Greg Abbott requesting the governor to veto the tax bill.

The governor’s office has refused to say whether he’s already decided to veto or not.

Straus said in a statement to The Washington Post that the governor “must now exercise his veto authority to stop this reckless, unfair and destructive plan to undermine the Texas economy.”

It’s unclear whether the governor will sign that letter.

It’s also unclear what the impact of the veto could be on the state’s finances.

That could mean more state revenue to fund public schools or health care.

If the GOP passes the tax plan, Texas will see more than $8 billion in extra state revenue.

But it’s unclear if that will be enough to cover the tax increase.

And that could also put a crimp on economic growth and jobs growth in Texas, which could put the state in a recession.


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