What’s up with all the Tampa tribune and Scotts tribune news?

Posted January 07, 2019 17:25:33There is no doubt that the Tampa Bay Times has been one of the top news sources for Bitcoin in the Tampa area for years now, and it’s no secret that they’ve had some of the biggest Bitcoin coverage on the internet in recent years.

The Tampa Tribune was a very similar case as well, as they have a pretty large Bitcoin presence and were among the first to report on the Tampa Bitcoin Expo in early 2018.

But it seems that they have been in the headlines a lot lately, and have seen some of their biggest Bitcoin news come out in recent weeks.

As reported by the Tampa Tribune, Tampa has been the home of the Tampa Blockchain Expo, a series of events which aims to bring the Tampa community together in the Bitcoin space and to promote Bitcoin adoption in the region.

This event took place in early January and featured a Bitcoin conference and workshop for Tampa’s blockchain community, and an appearance by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who gave a speech on Bitcoin and the Blockchain, among other things.

The Tampa Times has also published some interesting Bitcoin news in recent days, with a report on a Tampa Bitcoin store opening up in the city, as well as a series on the Bitcoin startup accelerator, Blockchain Academy, and their CEO, Nick Ciesynski, who is also the former CEO of Coinbase.

The Times has recently been promoting Bitcoin and Blockchain in a very positive way, and is the only local paper to publish Bitcoin coverage at all during the month of January, with one article being an excerpt from a column by a reporter for the Tampa City Paper, which reported on a Bitcoin ATM startup opening up right in the middle of a busy day at the Tampa International Airport.

It seems that Tampa has also seen a spike in Bitcoin news recently, with reports of the city’s first Bitcoin ATM opening up recently in an area of Tampa that’s known for its Bitcoin businesses.

However, there’s been some confusion as to how these transactions were made.

Bitcoin transactions are usually done by paying the transaction fee (which is around $0.01 for the average transaction), and that’s it.

However in some cases, the transaction can take several days to be verified, so it’s unclear if this ATM actually exists or if it’s just a myth.

The most recent Bitcoin news came out in early February, when Bitcoin-based hardware company BitPay announced a partnership with Tampa-based company, The Coin, to launch a Bitcoin-powered smart meter in the area.

The announcement came from Coin, and came just after the Tampa Times published an article on Bitcoin at a Tampa bar called “The Hole.”

The Tampa Tribune reports that the Coin’s CEO, Matthew Wieden, has told the Tampa Business Journal that the ATM is a “first step” towards the “biggest Bitcoin-enabled, Blockchain-enabled smart meter ever.”

This will be the first Bitcoin-only ATM in the state, and will be set up by Coin in the spring.

The Coin is planning on using the ATM to pay its employees and other businesses in the community, which they describe as “an investment in the future of the City of Tampa.”

While Coin is still looking to build the first “blockchain-enabled” Bitcoin ATM, Wiedan said the company will be launching the ATM in an effort to expand the use of Bitcoin in Tampa.

The company has already announced plans to begin accepting Bitcoin payments for services in the coming months, including at restaurants and bars.

This article was originally published by the Tech Insider blog, and has been republished with permission.


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